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Welcome to our Holiday Torch Run Team Page
Nashoba Shooting Stars Alpine Ski Team
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Nashoba Shooting Stars Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $17,000.00
Total Raised: $29,180.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 75
Members Recruited: 56

Dash, walk or run with us - Holiday Torch Run - Peabody - Sunday - 12/4/2016 !

On Sunday 12/4 we will be taking part in the Holiday Torch Run - Peabody a holiday themed dash, run and walk to support the Athletes of our Nashoba Shooting Stars Alpine Ski Team, Special Olympics of MA. Have some fun !
Your efforts and donation will help our developmentally challenged Athletes to live healthier, happier lives as members of our team. Think fun, fitness and good cheer as we ring in the Holiday Season !

Thank you for supporting the Nashoba Shooting Stars and nearly 12,000 other Special Olympics Athletes in MA !

Team Members:
Total Raised$29,180.00  
General Team Donation$5,952.00  
Judith Russell$130.00  
   Dawn Atwood$610.00  
   Timothy Atwood$670.00  
   Caelyn Baird$155.00  
   Jessica Brodrick$600.00  
   Christopher Burns$25.00  
   Anna Burtnett$520.00  
   Molly Cassella$655.00  
   Paul Cassella$135.00  
   Charles Crowley$530.00  
   Zander Crowley$530.00  
   Anika Currie$4,595.00  
   Erica Cyr$80.00  
   Kristin Donovan-Burns$25.00  
   Nicolas Fitzpatrick$765.00  
   Gabriella Foley$250.00  
   Phyllis Foley$250.00  
   Maggy Godfroy$620.00  
   James Groccia$500.00  
   Jay Groccia$30.00  
   Mark Horrigan$525.00  
   Ryan Horrigan$25.00  
   Dan Jacques$35.00  
   Nick Jacques$1,090.00  
   Daniel Johnson$185.00  
   David Johnson$100.00  
   Justine Johnson$100.00  
   Valerie Lessa$285.00  
   Benjamin Lloyd$35.00  
   lisa LLoyd$35.00  
   Brian McClory$135.00  
   Nancy Norma Horrigan$25.00  
   Charlie Norton$30.00  
   Kathy Healy Norton$1,075.00  
   Meggie Norton$30.00  
   Tim Norton$130.00  
   Sarah Oliver$318.00  
   Chris ONeil$3,025.00  
   Mark ONeil$25.00  
   Claire Poulin$585.00  
   Nicholas Poulin$10.00  
   David Reilly$130.00  
   Melissa Reilly$330.00  
   Becky Robinson$0.00  
   Dennis Robinson$40.00  
   Donald Russell$500.00  
   Robert Russell$130.00  
   Claire Sanford$530.00  
   Justin Searle$630.00  
   Debra Shaw$40.00  
   John Shaw$0.00  
   Graham Tunnicliffe$1,280.00  
   Heather Tunnicliffe$40.00  
   Mike Tunnicliffe$30.00  
   Cheryl Variam$35.00  
   Naushad Variam$35.00  

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